History – Comm. Pozzobon Rosalio

Pozzobon agricultural company vineyards date back to circa 1700 AD when they were part of a farmer settlement directly dependant to Sir. Caotorta in the Paolini countryside, Volpago del Montello in the Belvedere fraction; such settlement had always grew vineyards to make wine for the nobility.

 In 1969 the countess Ponti Matilde, heir of sir Antifone Caotorta

sold a large part of the vineyards to Commendator Pozzobon, that has been producing and selling wine since then. To guarantee product safety and environmental protection we count on the consultation by the Cecat in Castelfranco Veneto. Our love for the grapevine and our constant efforts is no doubt the secret of the Pozzobon family for the creation of high quality wines. 

As an appointment to the quality of his work, Mr. Pozzobon Rosalio was awarded with Dpr on the 21/12/1993 with the tile of Knight, and with the Dpr on the 27/12/1996 with the title of officer and finally with the Dpr on the 27/12/2004 of the title of Commander of the order of merit of the Italian Republic.