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I Percorsi del Gusto di qua e al di là del...

We are present at the GOLOSITALIA fair

A combination between quality wines and winter dishes

Via Madonna della Mercede, 60

31040 Volpago del Montello (TV)

Telefono: 0423 871119


Debut in the guide for the small reality that is Commendator Rosalio Pozzobon, that took control of the vinery at the end of the 60’, but is really heir of a long going tradition of viticultural mastery that goes back to the seventeenth century, when the area was used to make wine for the  local nobility. The geological and climatic environment is ideal for the growth of high quality grapes, essential for the production of high-end wines.

Why Vinetia?

The name comes from the combination of the woeds vino (wine) and Venetia (Venice) a region strongly related to wine production, not only because of the landscape rich in vineyards, but mostly because of its history and the cultural heritage of its inhabitants.


Camalo 7th – 24th of April 2016

Nasce dal gioco di parole tra VINO e VENETIA, il nome con cui gli antichi latini identificavano l'attuale VENETO.

Una terra profondamente legata al vino, non solo attraverso i vigneti che da sempre ricamano i paesaggi della regione ma, soprattutto, grazie alla storia e alla cultura dei suoi abitanti.

40th exhibition of Triveneto’s wines

Three awards received by our wines…

The exhibition organised by the Camalò’s pro loco intends to valorise a common treasure: wine, a symbol and proud of our lands, that always has been a unifying product capable of bonding Camalo to the vineyards and all the vineries in the Triveneto.


Cuisine and wines 

Recipes by Andrea Fusco

Primavera 2016

At the table with the spring taste

A combination between good wines and spring dishes


Volpago del Montello, From 12th to the 29th of November

42nd Exhibition of the wines from the Montello and the Asolo Hills

In the first places and awarded with a diploma for our white wines, still and sparkling


This exhibition took place in the Volpago’s old spinning mill, came for the will of the Pro loco to valorise the best wines in the area. Montello’s area wines are proposed to the public with some of the best local dishes.